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When training, how do you know if you are overworking or under-working your body?

Workload is not just a questions to ask when training. Baseball players should be asking themselves the same question about their throwing arm.  It’s a very important question.  However, to insure health and peak performance, something much more important than the question is the answer.  Or better put, equipping yourself with the knowledge and/or tools to answer it.

Here at the Throw Smart Lab, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage player workloads based on our assessment criteria. By which we know and can insure we tailor each players workout to balance and strengthen his/her specific needs. Since every athlete is an individual it is important we treat them as such. Thus, we adjust each players program according to their point-in-time needs.

The same should be asked of individual players weight training and conditioning programs. Again, here at Throw Smart we say and do just that.  Because at the end of the day, in a large group setting “Cookie Cutter” workouts may work for some.  But are not the way to see max results in terms of personal growth for each individual.

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