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OVERUSE: Know Your Athlete’s Limits

OVERUSE: Know Your Athlete’s Limits

Are you coaching professional athletes or kids?

OVERUSE: Lots of parents believe their child is going to be the next best, greatest whatever. I certainly have high hopes of my own children, but sometimes pushing them passed their limits can greatly hinder progress.

Overuse leads to breakage!

Continuously doing anything will cause wear and tear, just as the dripping water will eventually break the stone.

Finding a balance in an athlete’s workload can benefit everyone around them. Parents and coaches will be more satisfied by the results from a well-rested, better recovered player. Furthermore, teammates will learn to expect quality outcomes from these players and potentially look to these players as leaders because of their production.

Overuse doesn’t have to happen in order for your child to become the next Michael Jordan or Ken Griffey Jr.

We recently discussed some other key factors in recovery which you can find HERE as well as workload management that you can find HERE.  Also, take a peek at this article from Matthew J. Matava, MD of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine:

Matthew J. Matava – Injuries in Sports

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