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Radar Gun: Tool for Health

Radar Gun: Tool for Health

Assessments are Here to Stay

The use of radar guns and measuring on-field and training statistics in baseball are relatively new age and are likely not going away anytime soon. 

Topics such as Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Perceived Velocity and Spin Rate are gaining mainstream attention.  These measurable outputs can seem overwhelming for parents and players wishing to play at elite levels.  Old-school conventional wisdom is no longer the be-all end-all.

Radar Gun in Today’s Game

Technologies such as radar guns are being used as tools for discovering measurable aspects that an individual can produce; hitting exit velocities and throwing velocities of an individual’s on-field productions and endurance.  These measurable outputs can also indicate projections of what an athlete could produce in the future.  And less commonly, but more importantly, they can even be used to determine the health, stamina, and/or whether an athlete is in fatigue or deficit.  Which is the primary reason we choose to utilize them.  The reason why we feel they are so valuable.

It has never been a better time for understanding and implementing modern day training and preparation methods.  After all, these methods can serve as invaluable assets to accommodate the advancement of an athlete’s on-field performance.  Alternatively, with the continued implementation of technology into today’s game, you only stand to fall further behind. 

Applying Technology and Data to Training

Here at Throw Smart we pride ourselves in the ability to do just that!  Keep athletes healthy and promote their overall on-field performance based on the continued assessing of measurable outputs. 

Having over eight years of measurable output assessment data from over 30,000 youth, amateur and professional participants.  Data has and will continue to be the driving force behind our system and technology.  By identifying an individual’s weak links, we are able to target those areas of weakness and bring balance to the athlete.  The overall byproduct of our efforts to build a healthier and stronger athlete is an increase in on-field performance!

Interested in learning more?  Checkout this interesting blog article on “joint integrity” and why it is so important.

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